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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 28, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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glenn beck what will we look at in 2025? i don't think you will recognize the country. it is not me. but the federal government's report on welcome to "red eye." it is like how i met your mother, if by met you mean roofy, and by mother you mean brother. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. hi, andy. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> coming up, a policeman stages a fake arrest of a 15-year-old boy having sex with his daughter. that's the policeman's daughter and not the 15-year-old boy's daughter. and are detainees at guantanamo bay being held to one ice cream a day? something that makes you appreciate your freedom. and a study showing women apologize for than men. >> thank you, andy. >> i spurn thee. >> i will make quagmeyer out
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of your brain. >> i apologize for nothing. >> i know that. i am here with author and columnist se-cupp. her latest book is called "losing our religion." she is so hot the miami heat changed their name to the miami cupp's. and he is so tough his introduction will be free of the usual sexual innuendo. i don't want him to rip my face-off. and it is my repulsive sidekick bill shultz. he stinks of old produce and shame. and next to me, jim norton. if hilarity was a bumper car, i would ram him and giggle. and he is tossed on your stoop like a flaming bag of poop. good to see you, pinch. >> move over bed bugs. according to the new york times, it is stink bugs that have invaded america's east coast. not to be confused with repub bug which is the nickname for david books. >> really?
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>> yes. where is your copy, repub bug? back to you, greg. >> thank you very much. she felt pain after confronting mcinka. she hit the cement for trying to vent. was her treatment bad or rad? on sunday night after a tv debate a woman was knocked to the ground by one of john mccain's security guys after she approached the senator yelling and holding an anti-war protest sign. take a look, take a lookers. >> john mccain has got to go! >> john mccain has got to go! >> the war monger john mccain gets to walk out. >> why are peace ago tau -- activists so aggressive? was she tackled, or did she
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trip over the curb and the security guard was doing his job? more importantly, do the olson twins like birthdays? >> i found the perfect ware right here. >> i love birthdays. >> she loves birthdays. >> wow. >> jim, let's try to stay on topic here. were they too rough on her? >> they were too rough. if there is one thing i hate to see is the mistreatment of a m would who looks like steven hawking. she was a lovely lady. she should have been tackled for using the word" war monger." did she call the police "the fuzz" too? >> yes, she was definitely in a time warp.
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she forgot it is president obama who is the commander-in-chief and running the war. . she seemed unstable and aggressive, and you don't know -- i i couldn't believe she got that close. >> you can't expect security guards to read minds. i'm sure jack ruby looked sane walking up to lee harvey oswald. >> you left many an angry protest. somehow you may have some kind of idea what this is like. >> a lot of them were frustrated protests. what she did was basically faking out the ref. it was like she pretended she got hit by a ball like jeter or pretended she got more of a fall than she -- foul than she did and hoped to use the media to further advance her message. she did a good job because she definitely didn't get hit. notice mccain, there she is and smiling. oh my god, there she comes, go
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this way and fake her out. >> isn't that how he always is? >> that is a stapled smile. >> mccain always looks like he doesn't want to meet you. i met him twice in the green room and he is as you like, oh, god, here we go again. i didn't sign up for this, talking to a creep like you. she acted rudely. if she didn't act like a nut or rudely couldn't she further her cause? >> yes, but peace is so 2003. it is like he or she missed the move on .org and the code pink movement. and what did he or she expect? you can't bum rush a senator and not expect someone to show up in your face. he or she should be grateful that he or she was left alone. >> i joined the code pink movement. it wasn't what i thought it would be. not at all. >> the movie "code pink" totally what i thought it was. >> nc-17 for a reason. >> i want to say we don't condone any injury against protesters because that's
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wrong. i just really made that up. >> i agree. especially when it is a woman who looks like ed bagly junior or andy dick. they should have just held up a mirror and she would have run on her own. from protesters to for gnaw it kaers. a police officer in california has been suspended for staging a fake arrest of a 15-year-old boy. the reason, like you need one, but the teenage turd was having sex with the cop's 14-year-old stepdaughter. last month the officer went to the boy's home armed in a uniform, handcuffed and lectured the kid and then told the boy he would be facing criminal charges for having sex with a minor. here is tape of the staged arrest.
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>> i have no clue how that got in there. obviously someone hacked my pc. the real tape please? >> i will get a informational report going in. we will be up to bat. >> not good wearing a skull thing when being arrested by a cop. not as sexy as the first tape. one of the boy's parents showed that to the police and
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the officer was put on leave, and now facing possible charges of false imprisonment which apparently is a crime in someplaces. >> weird. >> i had no idea. you are a military officer. you have to sympathize with the cop, right? >> no, that's a betrayal of public trust. he is a police officer and that's what we pay him to do. if he would have went over there as a father, i very much would have sympathized with him. but because he went over as a police officer that's not good. and the parents, they set up a tripod and filmed it. >> and it is blurry. >> i am not a good person. i wouldn't even bother being a cop. i would just go to the costumes store and get the uniform to do it. what do you think? >> yeah, whaz the point of being a cop if you can't recklessly threaten people who mess with your daughter? he also said he would be raped in prison. did you hear that? it is like "foot loose." the pastor's daughter is
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dating ren, kevin bacon, and the pastor comes down hard on him. why? because he can. because he can. >> you know what, if -- that is the calmest i have ever seen someone to lecture someone to not have sex with his daughter. he didn't mace him. he threw cuffs on him and gave him a talking to. this country is a bunch of babies. i guarantee they sue the police department. he might have saved them a lot of trouble. that lecture may have stopped that dummy from having sex with her and having a kid. >> i remember -- remy i'm too old, but remember "scared straight? --" scared straight"? >> i sure do. >> there was a lot of men in it -- >> it didn't work for you, did did? >> no, scared me into prison. i was never going to commit a crime after that. bill, you were dating the cop from the village people and
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his son showed up and tried to arrest you. >> yeah, but you can do whatever you want in that uniform and it is perfectly legal, and believe me we did. i have a similar problem, the three i will legitimate -- three i will legitimate daughters and i threaten possible do i friends as well, but i threaten them if they don't sleep with them. i want them out of the house. they are tearing me from house and home. they are 25 and not paying rent. it is a one-bedroom studio. they are disgusting. please, sleep with my daughters. take them away from me. >> what is worse, referencing the cop with the village people or knowing his name is victor willis? >> he used to be married to jerry willis. >> and they named their child willis from "different strokes." >> and the fact they are both white -- >> well, we should run away from the topic. now, the greg-alogue.
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>> i was such a terrible cop. so the wakowskis are back. the pipe for hot topic teens who mistake piercings for personality. they have a new flick. it is a name chosen to create mystery, confusion and sub miss cive adoration who analyze lyrics from "the wall." have you seen them lately? here is a picture. that's arianna huffington in the middle. those are the brothers. one is going through some kind of changes, but you can't judge a book by its cuff. it is awesomely gay, and predict leanne tie america, and all about george george bush or killing george bush. it involves two radicalized men and iraqi and soldier who
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fall in love and decide to kill the then president of the united states. i'm sure the fantasy of killing bush makes everyone feel edgy. i have no idea who is in the flick. you can bet actors will lineup to addition. what a great opportunity to obtain elite renegade status. killing a man hated by your celeb friends. that's better than voicing a pixar dog. and it will get you laid at coachella. they should make movies about present threats in the real world. but it would be dangerous and cost more than freedom and money. if you disagree, you are a homophobic adoxiphob. kind of a cowardly movie, am i right? >> yeah, and i hate to point out the uh hock craw -- the huh poke craw see. if you made it about the current administration, it would never get made.
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this could get made and celebrated by everyone in hollywood. it is crazy. >> there was already a bbc documentary on what if bush got assassinated and nobody cared. it is like wishful thinking among the media. jim, are they phony rebels? >> they are typical corn ball mavericks. talk to the hand. this type of rebellion is not real rebellion. this film will not get made. even a studio is not dumb enough to make it. enough with you are about. if you don't like him, fine. let him go. he is not the president anymore. >> and you have a current president to be critical of. there is a lot to talk about. is this a mover vee you would see? >> this is so far out of it. i don't even know which way to go with this. maybe they want to see what will happen if we repeal don't ask, don't tell. >> i don't know if it would be this exciting. bill is hoping for that. >> i don't know what it means. i like wearing the uniform and that's about it.
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>> bill, you are jealous because you haven't embraced your gender the way they have. >> when is the transitioning over? where do you go from there? it is like ragedy andy meets an area of chelsea. awful. it is going to be distributed because they will fund it themselves. no studio will pick it up. the good news is new york magazine reported the sex scenes are unbelievably graphic. well, from bozos to billboards. some guy in iowa, an actual state, was arrested for failing to appear in court for some earlier infraction. who cares about that? check out his mug shot. there it is. about 10 years ago this gentleman was listening to the radio when a local dj offered six figures if someone tattooed the station's call letters and logo on their forehead. so david jonathon wink kill
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man did it along with his step-son. that was 10 years ago. when they went to collect the money the station said it was a practical joke. he sued and the case was dismissed. now 10 years later he earned the greatest mug shot of the week. the prize is a six-figure prize, but only if he chops off his head. jim, isn't the -- isn't this the greatest story you have ever heard? >> i am sick because he looks a lot like me. >> it is true. oh my gosh. >> if jim had taken out his dentures and wrote something on his forehead, that would be jim. >> that would be me if i had better judgment. >> that really hurts. >> i think it is illegal -- what a dumb radio station. you can't promise money on the air. >> why didn't he get money to get it fixed? why wouldn't the radio station
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just, you know, say fix it. >> well, yeah. the relevant question is who would get a forehead tatoo, but who would get a forehead at thathat time tiewt of an fm radio station. howard stern is not going anywhere, or do a groovy station like "the bone yard," but an fm radio station 1234* weird. >> is anyone this imagine clear dumb. >> as much as i would like to make fun of his judgment, i am not casting no stones at him. >> this is much cooler. >> greg, how much would you give me to put a "red eye" logo in this eyeball. >> i would give you four figures, but the decimal point would be over two on the left. say four figures. bill, you did a similar thing, and it is not on your head and not a tatoo. >> no, not at all. it makes certain things look bigger at a certain angle.
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they can't do this. they have to give the guy the money. it is like you cash out the lotto and they say, it is just a joke. >> it is a crime. you know what the cons -- consequence 1* you get three names. when you get arrested you get three names to differentiate you from another david winkleman. now he has that name for the rest of his life. >> you were not far off. about five years ago that station changed from kind of the zoo crew to adult contemporary. it is an adult contemporary station on his fore -- forehead. >> couldn't you get a tatoo over it? anything. >> didn't johnny depp do that with we know gnaw? -- wynona? >> can you live on diet coke and children's hair? sc-cupp and her diet plan. first, what's this? hot chicks? yeah, einstein, hot chicks. the story itself is meaning
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less. anyway, i can see your butt. >> shout out to fox news business hour. f@@
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450er is a story i couldn't come -- here is a story i couldn't come up with a lead are to. so in a newspaper -- bill, you just yawned. >> i had something in my mouth. >> i am in the middle of a story and i yawned. so in the l.a. times, a pair of writers is calling for a law banning easy daw mick -- us law mick death threats. among many examples they cite a cartoonist, everybody draw mohamed day" end quote. and the south park guys were threatened after mocking jesus, buddha and mohamed.
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for more we go to the free speech correspondent. i disagree with him, but i will fight to the death to let him say. jim, the woman who wrote the article, she is all over the news. she fled from her country because of whatnot. shouldn't we listen to her? >> absolutely. that's what they are concerned with. if there is anything that will stop a beheading it will be if there is an ordinance. what are you going to get -- sue bin laden? it is a nice gesture, but it doesn't mean anything. >> here is my theory.
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is this being done to scare kids on bill who is 3:00 in the morning on facebook going, you are dead. >> it was the glue, man, it wasn't me. >> i think the intention is to affect change. but it is right. someone like bin laden is not going to be scared off by the threat of a lawsuit in an american court. it is preposterous. less lawsuits and more bombs. >> that's a t-shirt. how should we respond to extremists who make threats inside and outside our country? >> we have laws for this. if you use threat or violence to achieve political means, you are a terrorist and they tell us what to do with that too. turn us loose. >> i like that answer. bill, these people want an end to free speech. why should free speech protect them?
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>> i think you touched on that with the cat comment. you defended his right. >> isn't the beauty of it also it is inherent ininstruction? >> yeah, there is beauty in all of destruction. >> i want to destroy you. >> and there is pleasure in pain. it is the same theme. these are people who would kill you if you make a mohamed cartoon. i say we frame him. we make mohamed cartoons. then you say, look what he did. and then you watch them kill each other. it is a cartoon civil war. >> it is like planting drugs. >> that's right. we will plant cartoons. i like you. >> you are weird. >> so what was fidel castro like in bed? sc-kupp on her early crazy years in cuba. but first, our gitmo detainees , are they getting enough ice cream? we give you the scoop when we return. >> hilarious.
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>> did you see what i did there?
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someone alert the aclu. now our government has gone too far. we have found a new way to torture inmate at the gitmo. live at the gitmo. anyway, move on a little. the miami herald's rosenberg
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snapped this picture and posted it on-line with this caption. it looks like a junior high school bull law tin board. anyway, found this frige for ghana mow detainee food in the rotunda of camp 6, the most populous of the u.s. navy prison on september 23, 2010. until recently they boasted the detainees with 5500 to 6,000 calories a day. thews -- that's 6,000 calories a day. i believe we have lunch being served at the gitmo cafeteria. >> and as we are getting ready to go for the halfway point, it is still -- >> can we go back and show the bulletin board again? okay, you are a prisoner and it is only one ice cream. what if you take two? what will they do for you?
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>> water boarding and only one ice cream. holy cow. >> how do you punish somebody for like having extra ice cream? i don't get it. >> i don't think you would push him. she caught me eating boogers. >> sc, the prisoners -- okay, when these guys leave, they leave fat. 6,000 calories? >> that's insane. >> i eat 1500 calories a day. that's what i'm allowed. >> the average person should have 2,000 a day. that's crazy. i get why they eat more than one ice cream. they don't have frozen stuff in caves. same with q-tips and toilet paper. >> nobody has even noticed you are saying [bleep] right now. >> that's three. >> sorry about that. you put an eight before it and
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you think it is not a swear word. if we were to set you on fire, you would burn about 6,000 calories, that's how they measure food. theoretically, they are eating one of you a day. >> i have come up with a way to punish these guys. if they take two ice creams. make this the second ice cream. can we look at this? what you do is have them eat it and then tell them it is a pork product. they will flip out. what the hello. they will lose it. >> intolerance. >> enjoy, boys. >> everybody wants to close gitmo. i don't think the prisoners mind it. i bet it is a hundred times better than where they came from. i'm sorry. >> i would rather be in get me than karachi. it was a fine place.
3:32 am
i did a gig in cuba. very well received. >> are we going to close it? they will never close it, will they. >> no. >> maybe with the two ice creams. who knows? >> there is no place -- the countries don't want them. they don't want them on our soil. the only solution is to put them on a prison we control and that is gitmo. >> we have one of those. >> or vermont. >> and doesn't it make sense to fatten them up? >> yes. >> when you are fat detainee, they are easier to capture. >> maybe they have the diabetes at that point and they will be easier to catch. >> and also they develop an addiction to chunky monkey. >> the thing is too, our prisons create so many fit men. they can now rob you faster. they can beat you up at a quicker rate. >> when they leave, they leave fat and muslim. in our prison they leave muslim and fit. very big difference.
3:33 am
>> from calories to apologies. who says sorry more, men, women, joy bahar? if you said men you would be wrong. they reported the self-reported sorriness of 56 subjects over a 12-day period, and they found the fairer sex offered mia koel paws -- mia-c lo pas more than dudes did. but women apologize more because they see more crap to apologize for and hence keep apologizing. men often argued whether an apology ever even occur i had -- occurred at all. if only we had a cute, sleeping baby bunny to comment on such matters. >> when they are so tiny, they
3:34 am
are adorable. when they grow up they are just [bleep]. >> jim, this to me, it sounds like old news. to me it is any pif knee that -- it is any -- epiphany. it is a gap between what men and women consider an apology. this destroys relationships, isn't it? >> yeah. i don't apologize unless i really get caught. it is like, all right. i didn't know she was your sister. >> and you said that to your brother. >> yes, lovely family. >> should men apologize more or should women learn to apologize less? >> as a woman i apologize, but rarely mean it. women know how to shut people up. i like shutting people up, and it tends to work. i apologize a lot. i never mean it. i think we should all, both
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sexes, should learn to apologize only when we mean it. >> yeah, because then the apology is nothing. it is like the boy who cried wolf. >> yeah. it is meaning less. when i apologize it is absolutely meaning less. i'm sorry. >> you never apologize for anything, do you? >> never, never. i want to find out who paid for this study. that person needs to apologize. >> he probably did have to apologize. i think it is the most simplistic explanation for life. is this why gay men are so happy? as men their apology thresholds are identical. they both know exactly what pisses them off. >> they are apologizing for bruises basically. >> i refuse to believe this story just for the fact that that gender never claimed to be right or wrong about anything. i never heard a woman apologize. i always apologize to women way more than they apologize to me.
3:36 am
usually it is a man transitioning to a woman, but i have done a lot of damage and said a lot of uhologies. >> men have to do more apologies because they do more damage. there is way fewer women serial killers. >> and few women rapists. >> bit there are more women -- but there are more women nagors. >> the difference between a casual relationship is one time in the morning and one time repped a lunchtime -- one time around lunchtime and then in the evening. >> sure, makes sense to me. >> all i snow that's what i do. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox news .com. and to leave a voicemail call 212-462-505 are have. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. he's a jerk. >> tonight's half time report
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is sponsored by the pumpkin pie brothers. in case you didn't know, it is this time when they really start to get series. thanks, pumpkin pie brothers.
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welcome back. let's find out if we got anything wrong. for that we go to andy levy. andy, we sought the match. it wasn't a blur bork. >> no, it was a jam freezer. >> they left it all on the blag. i have to say that. >> you can't deny that. go spurg or go smurg. take it one slack at a time. >> all right. mccain protestor tackled or sliped. why was she wearing a shirt that said "do i look undocumented? ". >> she had her issues mixed up. i don't get it. >> what is undocumented look like? does she imply undocumented
3:41 am
people look a certain way? that's racist. >> she is racist. she is an angry, racist lady. >> mccain doesn't always look like he doesn't want to meet you. well, he does look like he doesn't want to meet you. sc, you said being an anti-war activist is so 2003. isn't peace always in style? >> no, peace is never in style. peace is always dorky and wonky and lame. >> jim, you compared this fine woman 20* steven hawking and ed bagley, june junior and andy dick? >> yes. >> anymore? >> no, those were the most hideous, most accurate. >> cop fake arrest guy who slept with his daughter. you had no idea false arrest is a crime? >> yes. >> well, there is nothing false about what you do. >> no one ever -- >> lives to complain? >> yes. >> it was a betrayal of trust
3:42 am
by the police officer. if it were up to me he would turn in his badge and gun and then catch the guy playing by his own rules. >> well said. >> thank you. >> sc, you said you think this is awesome, but what is the point of being a cop if you can't recklessly threaten people who mess with your daughter? you are a closest facist? >> yes. >> only you would think the hero is the pastor in "foot loose." >> i do. >> "animal house"? >> she hate peace. >> i was too young for those references, old dudes. >> minus 8 points for not knowing "animal house." i think the age of consent law in california -- i don't know this for a fact, i have no reason to know this -- >> why do you have the map for age of consent state by state?
3:43 am
>> it says any person who engages in an act of sexual intercourse more than three years younger is not guilty of anything. he he was 15 and she was 14. >> 15 and 14 is not a crime. >> well, i defer to your knowledge, jim. >> believe me, i have the same map. i have pins in it. >> what if you pretend you are 15 and the girl is 14. >> victor willis, the cop have the village people was never married. >> are you sure about that? >> this is where you are getting con us food. he was married to maly shaw rash -- married to felicia rashad. >> that did not end well. >> greg, you refer to the "matrix" movies. >> yes, and then i changed it.
3:44 am
>> you didn't say that? >> >> did you not like the first "matrix" movie? >> the first was enjoyable and the second was a headache. the third one was ridiculous. and the fourth and fifth was like they weren't even there. i sat there think -- thinking, what the heck? >> i know you don't fear the red pill. >> are you iidding me? >> it is gay american soldier. gay american soldier fall in love. gay iraqi soldier hatch a plan. it is the oldest story in the book. >> it is too realistic. >> it is broke baghdad mountain. >> and they could have left out the killing the president part. it could have been an upbeat story. >> absolutely. >> there is no way this movie can be worse than speed racer. it is not possible. >> it was visually stunning.
3:45 am
>> >> bill, that wasn't speed racer. that was the floor of your bathroom. >> that was just some racer on speed. >> jim, you refer to the novel "talk to the hand." is it fair to call it a novel? >> it was only eight pages. it acts as a novel. >> it seems more based on your own life and experiences to be called a novel. >> you could call it auto by -- you could call them ought tee by graphical. >> you said the title was chosen to create confusion and sub miss cive adoration among pseudo intau elects. it is a code name for the project and not the real name of the movie. >> yeah, that's what they say. >> no, they do that all the time. >> i don't know about that. what was the code name for, i don't know, "the godfather"?
3:46 am
>> it was actually "the godmother." people thought it was a disney film. guy with radio station logo tattooed on his forehead, they would like to make it clear he doesn't want his head chopped off. >> islamic death threats should be illegal. >> was it less laws more bombs? >> yes, less laws, more bombs. >> and greg you said that's a t-shirt? it is a gram particularly correct t-shirt. >> hi, i'm single. >> why does it have to be fewer? i am so tired of this. >> thems the rules. >> it is the most over rated word in the english language. i will have fewer that? >> i have to say it is weird sc would not use that word.
3:47 am
>> oh no. >> gitmo detainees -- see, we are not torturing, they are all screaming for ice cream. >> the saddest part is since they dropped them to one ice cream a day, the prisoners stopped requesting "sex and the city" dvd's. a shame. jim, i love you did a gig in cuba once so you know what it is like to be in gitmo. >> well, it was guantanamo bay. we gave a friend lisa lute. i want to make love to you. >> and i want to apologize, who ever paid for the study needs to apologize. it was done in ontario, canada at the university of waterloo which i believe is a fictional place like hogwarts and narnia. that's all i have. >> that's good enough for me. >> if it is good enough for you, it is good enough for me. >> it is good enough for america. go away. you make me sick.
3:48 am
we will take a break. coming up, mail time. it has been awhile. go away and 10 come back. -- and then come back.
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>> are you hungry? yeah? okay. tell you what, come say grace. come say grace.
3:52 am
dear lord, thank you for this day and everything have you given us. thank you for allowing us to be the man and puppy you have allowed us to be. father, thank you for our friends and family, their prayer and support and energy they give us. father, just guide and guard and watch over them as they go through the days ahead. father, i do ask a special prayer that you help me not chase the neighbor's cat and listen to my master when he asks me to do something. in your heavenly name we pray. amen. go eat. >> that is beautiful. keep praying, sparky, but god is not giving you your balls back. >> mail time. >> the address is red eye at fox news .com. you write, i read and then we eat bill's face. tom says "read this e-mail during the show and you will use up 10 seconds of time well
3:53 am
spent." well tom, that came to eight seconds, but my response to your letter will come to 12 seconds for a total of 20 seconds are on the same time it took me to bang your mom. patricia e-mails us. the first time i have come across your column. i was looking for inteligent insight. i thought christians were supposed to be nonjudgmental. your first mistake was coming to me for intelligent insight. it would be like for you to come to me to bang tom's mom. well, unless you are tom's mom and it is not like that at all. who cares? what's your name? mary allen writes, do you just make this stuff up as you go or do you actually put thought into how you generate conclusions with no facts at you? just curious. i do make it up as i go along. that way i can spend the rest of the time banging tom's mom
3:54 am
which may be you or patricia or is patricia your sister because i could work out something from you. aubrey from brea, california. can you have a story regarding the harry potter movie? >> as a matter of fact, i was shopping at home depot in the garden center. i was looking for something to repot my azaleas with. anyway, after a few drinks and shirtless dancing, i can say he was a harry potter. we filmed it. there you go, a harry potter movie. we will close things out with andy levy. go to fox news .com gz
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>> we have andy on the willis report on fox business network. coming up tomorrow, lee and
3:58 am
tweeden is back with us in the studio. that's fun. >> back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> where can people go to find out more about your candidacy? >> www.papa for congress .com. >> she asked to see your eye. >> no, i am not watching. no. no. no. >> did you see that? >> why not just look at it? >> i don't want to see it. >> i don't want to see it. >> you watch it. >> wonder what it tastes like. should we find out? >> i just want to see her puke. >> jim, are you going to be in raleigh, north carolina anytime soon? >> that's an excellent question. charlie good night's comedy club. it is a popular spot in raleigh. i i will be performing my
3:59 am
brand of merriment. clean language. >> for the man son family. >> and you have a new piece? >> andy, in the words of katy perry, let's go all the way tonight. and i have a new election feature up every monday i interview for "the daily caller" some candidate running for something and asking him or her the same eight questions. check it at daily caller .com. just no effort into that whatsoever. >> yeah, it is easier for me. >> and gu -- and just transcribe it. >> bill, hoda update? >> yes, i am interviewing a candidate not running for something, but from something. her name is hoda and this internet campaign for us to date is not going well. so her job is to tweet her and tell her to date me. it will be fun. we can do it dutch. she makes a lotf


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